Reiki Hands-On-Healing

By Roberta R. Barnes

You use your hand for many things, which can include healing. Hands do not have to be pushing or slapping, but simply gently resting can bring relief and comfort.

Think of when you feel or see an injury to your body and how your reaction is to put one or both of your hands on the area. How many times have you or someone around you put their hand over their mouth after saying the wrong thing? How many times do you see someone with his or her hand on his or her head and simply know that person either has a headache or is frustrated about something? When watching a movie containing a scene that you do not like seeing, is not putting your hands over your eyes your first thought?

It is that automatic action of putting our hands over an injured area that brought Mikao Usui to the awareness of the powerful form of universal energy he connected with in 1921. When his hands were placed on another or himself he saw the area immediately on the fast rack to healing.

Some say humans do not have instincts, but before we learn to talk or walk most of us experienced that hands being placed on an area that hurts feels good. We also experience the how safe and comforted we felt when another person's hands were gently placed on us. When the form of energy called Usui Reiki is flowing through those hands it feels wonderful.

Do you remember your Mom or Dad gently holding your finger that you had dropped something on? When your heart is hurting does it not ease some of the pain to receive a hug from someone? Reiki hugs can make the worst of times much easier to deal with.

All throughout history, some people have seemed to have more of a natural healing ability through their hands then others. In Japan prior to 1921 there were forms of hands-on healing, but they did not involve the form of universal energy that Mikao Usui brought into his method of hands-on healing. Only practitioners and teachers of some style of Usui Reiki with a lineage directly back to Mikao Usui, who incorporate the universal vibrations of unconditional love and harmony in their practice.


It is always a special treat when licensed medical professionals and those doing other forms of hands-on healing are opened to a form of Usui Reiki by a qualified Shihan (master teacher). I once met a registered nurse whose friends and patients would gravitate to her because there was something healing about her presence and touch; she studied Japanese Reiki and and was delighted at the extra smiles she saw from such people as their healing shifted into high gear. Some people are natural healers and those people when connected to the vibrations of love and harmony of universal energy by a qualified Reiki Shihan (teacher) increase the healing that happens by their touch. Those people that are natural healers are no better than anyone else, they are simply very nice to be around, especially when you are hurting, as is anyone opened to a style of Usui Reiki Ryoho.

The hands of any person feel more healing once that person has been connected to a style of Usui Reiki by a qualified Reiki Shihan (master teacher). The difference between what flows from various individual's hands once a person is opened to the universal vibrations of love and harmony is their ability to receive, and how often they practice. The higher the person's vibrations the higher the vibrations they can resonate with and receive. This is why most levels in styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho include many exercises and technqiues to delete negative and bring in the pure white light of Reiki. Learning a style of Usui Reiki requires a lot of time in class and practicing, but the journey feels is so blissful that you soon enjoy every moment. Raising your vibrations so that you can resonate with and receive higher vibrations comes from various exercises, self-realization and practice, practice, practice and more practice.

Hands-on healing, over the centuries has been called many things. In ancient Europe it was at one time called the royal touch. Different individuals at different times in human history have used different forms of universal energy; the form used in Usui Reiki Ryoho is no better or no less, it is simply different. The mystery of healing being promoted and assisted by human touch is something that has no logical explanations, it simply is something that happens. The mysteries surrounding hands-on-healing are closely related to the mysteries of the heart.

When you think of the form of universal energy called Usui Reiki Ryoho, think about science for a moment. Science says energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but changes form. That well from which all forms of energy originate creates mystery. Mystery is one of the things that surrounds the spiritual practice of the various styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho, but it is the embracing of mystery that many wise men and women throughout the centuries have done to enrich their lives and the lives of others. So, while the hands-on healing of Usui Reiki might be mysterious, it can improve the quality of your life and the lives around you.

Sometimes that inner natural ability of the body to heal goes into a dormant state. The why does not matter, but what does matter is that Usui Reiki can awaken that natural ability. Reiki and life force energy are different forms of energy, but Reiki being a form of universal energy gives a boost to the form of energy called life force energy. The total actions of Reiki encourage and speed the healing that is best for that life form at that junction in time, so while hands-on healing will not give some Hollywood results it does feel very good.

I learned through the research of one of my Reiki Shihans (teachers) that Mikao Usui being a bit shy of cash would rent his dojo (school) to at least two of his students to use one evening a week. One of those students practiced a hands-on healing technique prior to Mikao Usui opening him to the universal vibrations of love and harmony, and another held a medical doctorate. That shows that from the time Mikao Usui practiced and taught Usui Reiki Ryoho many people recognized the strength of this unique form of energy, and blended it into areas in which they were already skilled. The blending of styles of Usui Reiki into other practices with the intent to enhance the other practice is a common event. Usui Reiki being a form of universal energy automatically tells us nothing can increase its strength, but it can easily enhance the positive aspects of anything else in life. Styles of Usui Reiki are used in hospitals around the world.

Usui Reiki differs from other hands-on healing practices in various ways. Hard training that includes memorizing details from textbooks are things few Reiki teachers find necessary. Reading books written by those that have researched or experienced some area of Usui Reiki Ryoho helps to expand our view, but a person cannot be connected without the assistance of a qualified Usui Reiki Shihan (master teacher). One of the best ways to know if a the person teaching a style of Usui Reiki is right for you is to view her or his certificates and lineage back to Mikao Usui, and speak with him or her in person or by phone.

One of my Usui Reiki Shihans,who is also a Japanese Buddhist monk, explained how teaching Usui Reiki is like pointing a finger to the moon. Once the student sees the moon and knows where it is he or she no longer has any need of the finger. In the way Usui Reiki developed once it left Japan, and linked to other practices in the 1980s and 1990s, the finger transformed into the numerous Reiki symbols used as training wheels. Some teachers even incorporated material items and rituals used in other healing modalities to help students learn to feel and know the unique forms of universal energy called Usui Reiki.

Regardless of what training wheels have been added to various styles of Usui Reiki, hands-on remains the most common practice. And when you are emotionally upset hands-on can be very comforting. The mysterious form of universal energy that needs only a body that has been opened to it and a mind that is disciplined enough to step aside, is not always easy for some people to accept. Nevertheless, the gentle relaxing energy that goes deep within during a hands-on practice is not only accepted but appreciated.

Another of the things that separates the spiritual practice of Usui Reiki from other hands-on-healing practices is that its focus is on improving the quality of life. Usui Reiki practitioners and teachers of all styles do not focus on the disease, but rather focus on the life form being in a state of well-being. The state of well-being differs for each life, at each moment in time. Reiki treats the whole person, which is often explained by saying Reiki balances mind, body and spirit and surrounds with harmony.

Styles honoring Usui Reiki Ryoho are an effective way to raise spirituality and create a positive life. The mind is the master, so simple things such as twice daily repeating from the heart those five simple lines of the Gokai (five principles) can raise your vibrations. The higher your vibrations the fewer bumps in your life's path you will have to encounter. Love and harmony flowing quietly into all of every day life is one of the things that makes Usui Reiki a welcome addition to anyone's life. Allowing the light (Usui Reiki) to flow into whatever you are doing, wherever you are, simply makes everything work more smoothly.

Warm months of the year usually come with insects; when love and harmony are flowing through you and around you fewer insects have an interest ion you. When you do receive an insect bite or sting, immediately doing hands-on allows relief and healing to begin. Various natural saves can also be placed on a bit or sting, but hands-on is immediate. Universal energy cannot be directed, but putting your hand(s) directly on an injury is like turning on the faucet full blast directly over what needs some balance and harmony. When a cell is injured it is out of balance, when there is inflammation there is disharmony; what is in balance and surrounded by harmony heals.

One of the unique things about Reiki is that it flows only as much as needed. If you rub an area of your skin that is dark purple or swollen it may feel better, but if you continue to rub for an unreasonable length of time, you will cause irritation. Usui Reiki will not cause any harm, when the cells have received all the energy they can hold at that time it stops flowing. If no cells are in need of energy, it does not flow. When you think of all the actions required by the zillions of atoms within your mind and body, it is reasonable that extra energy is always used some where.

Usui Reiki will also flows through your eyes, breath, soles of your feet and emanates from your whole self. Because of this if a person's hands are not available to be used, Reiki can still flow bringing balance, surrounding with harmony and healing.

Hiroshi Doi a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the original society created in Japan) said Usui-Sensei referred to his method as, "It is love, harmony and healing energy. Universal energy, which is the essence of all existence is Reiki."

The motto of Komyo Reiki Kai is, "Go placidly in the midst of praise or blame." Reiki Shihans (master teacher) must ask money in exchange for their time, but the spiritual practice of Reiki Ryoho is a journey to improve your life and lives around you as opposed to a skill leading to fame or fortune. The mystery that surrounds Usui Reiki Ryoho often becomes evident as it enhances professional medical treatments in a way that sometimes is nothing less than awesome. Licensed medical professionals are front line people when you have a serious physical or mental challenge, but when you include Reiki in your treatments if is common to hear a licensed medical care professional say, wow never expected it to heal so fast or so well.

If you are still wondering about this mysterious form of universal energy, try finding a qualified Usui Reiki practitioner or teacher and treat yourself to having a Reiki healing session. There are many things in this life that as humans we cannot know about or master. That is not a problem when you reflect on one simple translation of Usui Reiki Gokai (five principles); "today/now there is no anger or fretful worry, I give thanks and do my work with diligence, and I extend kindness to all". Repeat that at least twice a day for thirty days and you may want to learn more about this thing called Usui Reiki Ryoho.

The love and harmony that comes from Usui Reiki Ryoho goes beyond hand-on-healing. What is commonly referred to as Japanese Reiki, meaning styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho that come directly from Japan and do not have other healing modalities blended, are perfect examples of this.

Roberta R. Barnes, Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Shihan (master teacher) and Herbalist, teaches and offers Reiki sessions in her Natural Healing & Learning Center nestled in a certified wildlife habitat in Maine USA. Roberta Barnes also teaches all levels of Japanese styles of Usui Reiki and Meditation. In both meditation and Reiki classes Roberta gives guided meditations to help students experience energies in their own reality. Roberta can take you on a guided meditative journey into your past for discovery or healing. You can also experience two of Roberta Barnes' guided meditations in your own home. Two of her original guided meditations she had professionally recorded on the CD "Finding Your Solutions". More can be learned about Roberta R. Barnes and her practice at her

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