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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Integrative Medicine


The use of integrative medicine has greatly increased this decade. Addition of non-medicinal therapies and Western medicine brings faster results than any other forms of treatment. Besides, non-medicinal therapies are used to reduce side-effects caused by other medicines. What is Integrative medicine? It is a combination of both conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine. As […]

Mindful Breathing Exercises – Part 2


Mindful Breathing Phase 1: Sit in a comfortable position. Try to sit in the same place each day. Avoid positions that you might fall asleep in. a. The back is long and supports itself. b. Shoulders are relaxed downward, the neck is long, and the chin is pointing neither up nor down. c. The face […]

The principles of integrative medicine


The principles of integrative medicine: A partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process Appropriate use of conventional and alternative methods to facilitate the body’s innate healing response Consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness and disease, including mind, spirit and community as well as body A philosophy that neither rejects conventional medicine […]

What Is Integrative Medicine?


Integrative medicine pairs traditional medicine with other treatments to care for your mind, body, and spirit.  For example, your doctor may suggest chemotherapy to fight cancer as well as acupuncture to help manage its side effects. It isn’t just medicine. Your care team may also design a plan to help you build healthy behaviors and […]

Join Dr. Buttar for The Truth About Cancer LIVE – October 11th


The Truth About Cancer LIVE starts on October 11th, and I’ll be there in person to present. I’m going to be up on stage with an amazing group of people to share as much as I possibly can to help YOU on your journey to health and healing. If it pertains to cancer, chronic disease, vaccines, nutrition, healing […]

Drops of Life: ND-02 – Arth-Alieve


Drops of Life ND-02 Arth-Alieve is a highly effective, herbal derived, poly-peptide combination that temporarily but rapidly alleviates the symptoms of arthritic joint pain, pain from old fracture sites and at the site of prosthesis implants. ND-02 Arth-Alieve may be utilized in acute or chronic conditions that cause any type of joint or bone pain. […]

Drops of Life: ND-03 – Pros-Alieve


ND-03 Pros-Alieve is a highly effective, herbal poly-peptide extract combination that temporarily but rapidly alleviates the symptoms of urinary retention and incomplete bladder emptying. INDICATIONS AND USAGE: ND-03 Pros-Alievemay be utilized in acute or chronic conditions of the prostate which effect urinary flow including acute urinary retention due to benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) or mass […]

Drops of Life ND-01 Optimization


ND-01 is a revolutionary, clinically-proven aging and longevity solution used and recommended by thousands of top doctors around the world. ND-01 has so many powerful benefits. Unlike like most products, which deliver one or two mild benefits, ND-01 delivers a full spectrum of life-changing benefits you won’t find in any other product. Best of all, […]

Dr. Buttar LIVE on Facebook every Monday at 8pm


Join Dr. Rashid Buttar LIVE every Monday at 8pm on Facebook. Each week Dr. Buttar talks about various topics. Those watching LIVE can ask questions directly to Dr. Buttar. Take advantage of weekly Informational posts. IADFW – Members can also join Dr. Buttar for a special LIVE especially for IADFW Members. Login to […]

The largest ever study has shown the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is linked to lower rates of autism


Dr. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell have a lot to say about this article on theMarch 11, 2019 Advanced Medicine Show (click link above to listen to the show Concerns about a link between the MMR vaccine and autism have persisted for two decades, since an inaccurate 1998 paper claimed there was a direct connection […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Holistic Doctors - Holistic medical doctors combine the modern scientific treatment with complementary or alternative medicine like massage, acupuncture and chiropractic. The holistic doctor looks at everything and then gives a pharmaceutical drug option as well as an alternative treatment that could include homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic treatment isn't something many doctors and institutions embrace, but it is under the umbrella of holistic medicine.

How Acupuncture Restores Balance and Helps Us Heal Ourselves - "The driving idea behind acupuncture is that you're already in possession of everything you need to be well. Rather than focusing on what's missing, and adding something to fill the gap, acupuncture takes what's already there and rearranges it to restore balance. Acupuncture engages the body's own healing mechanisms to address underlying problems."
- AcuTake Website

What Are the Health Benefits of Aromatherapy? - Some people might think that aromatherapy is replacing traditional medicine. Although it is an alternative method of practicing wellbeing, let it be known here and now that aromatherapy is in no way a replacement for modern medicine. Instead, see it as a tool that helps enhance your wellbeing both physically and psychologically using scents to stimulate certain responses. When performing aromatherapy, your goal should be to use the essential oils to shift...

Crystal Therapy: Balancing Body, Mind and Soul - Crystal therapy also known as crystal healing is an alternative healing technique where stones and crystals are used. The healing expert or practitioner will place these stones or crystals on certain parts of the body. These parts are believed to correspond to chakras. The healing expert may also place these crystals around the body so as to build up or create an energy grid or energy web. This energy grid is believed to surround or cover the patient with healing energy.

10 Advantages of Light Therapy - Weakness and disease are inescapable facts of life. You could fall prey to a pathogenic bacterium that could eat away your skin. You could catch a deadly virus that could lodge in and weaken your lungs. You could be sick because of sunlight, or you could be sick because of depression related to the weather. Sickness is inevitable, but suffering is optional. There are many therapies available to cure sickness, or to alleviate the pain of its symptoms. You can take medicines or be injected with them. These medicines are...

Magnetic Therapy From Theory to Practice - Magnetic Therapy is an ancient form of treatment for all sorts of pain and illnesses. Devices that are purported to provide symptomatic relief are available in many places and all sorts of formats. They make many claims about their ability to heal or at least help you manage symptoms, but the science behind the claims of success has often been missing or misunderstood. The theory behind magnetic therapy relates to the application of the Lamar Frequency Formula in physics.

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